The PPGCAT has international recognition and several professors have established important scientific collaborations with universities from different American, European, African, Asian and Latin American countries. The professors of the program use various strategies to broaden the internationalization and establishment of co-operations with internationally renowned researchers in large research centers abroad. Thus, the program encourages professors to perform post-doctoral studies abroad and sandwich internship for students.
In addition, there is an incentive to offer vacancies for the admission of students from other countries to master's degree.
In 2015/2016 there was another step of importance for the internationalization of our program. After the title of Master’s degree by PPGCAT of veterinary physicians, Alfeu Cavele and Felicidade Margarida Macome, from Mozambique, our program received Dr. Alsace Atanásio (researcher and executive director of the National Research Fund of the Ministry of C&T of Mozambique) to carry out PhD at the Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics School of the Federal University of Bahia.  This coming was the result of approval by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Higher Education and Professional Technician (CALLED MCTESTP n ° 5/2015) of the Mozambique Republic. The aforementioned researcher develops the project titled: Identificação de resistência dos benzimidazóis a Hemonchuscontortus em pequenos ruminantes na Província de Maputo(Identification of Resistance of benzimidazole to Hemonchuscontortus in small ruminants in the province of Maputo), under supervision/guidance of Prof. Dr. Maria Consuelo Caribe Ayres and participation of the researchers Dr. Barbara Paraná and Dr. Sabrina Lambert, egresses of the PPGCAT and currently professors and researchers of the Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics School. One Dr. Sabrina Lambert’s objective is the implantation of advanced Biotechnology laboratory in your country with the support of researchers from our program, so that the project to be developed will have two phases: the training of Researcher in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Studies in parasitology and in the second phase will be carried out material harvesting in herds of Maputo province, Mozambique.
Institutional partnerships are fundamental for sharing information and experiences. The main objective is to allow the use of the institutions' infrastructure for mutual support to research projects and activities, with the exchange of professors and students for the development of research on a partnership basis. PPGCAT has several international collaborations in the spotlight:
JAPANESE INTERNATIONAL AGENCY - Agreement between JapaneseInternationalAgency and the School of Veterinary Medicine and Zootecnia, favored the recycling of veterinary physicians from the training program for veterinary Physicians of Lusófenes and Latin America.
FIPSE/CAPES-this project promoted the participation of six undergraduate students at LuisianiaUniversity-United States of America-and two master’s degree of the program carried out their experiments with the participation of professors from the university mentioned.
INSTITUTO CAJAL DE MADRID-Dr. Silvia Lima Costa Partners with the researcher Carmen Guaza, of the Cajal Institute of Madrid, to develop the project: Estudio de los regulators de Lainflamaciónenel SNC, which aims to study the communication between the central nervous system and the immune system in physiological and pathological conditions.
ROYAL MELBOURNE INSTITUE OF TECHNOLOGY-began in 2013 the collaboration between LABIMUNO-UFBA and the Royal Melbourne Institueof Technology (RMIT), Melbourne, Australia, under Dr. Robert Moore, for the installation of research line in Clostridioses Animals in Brazil.
RHEINISCHE FRIEDRICH-WILHELMS-UNIVERSITÄT BONN, GERMANY-since 2008, Prof. Dr. Carlos Roberto Franke (professor of PPGCAT) and Prof. Dr. Jan Felix Drexler, researcher at the Virology Institute of the Rheinische Medicine Faculty Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany, develop research jointly in the area of virology, with emphasis on evolution and viral epidemiology in wild and domestic hosts. This partnership generated a term of technical and scientific cooperation between the UFBA and the University of Bonn, which was renewed in 2016.
L'université PARIS DESCARTES, PARIS-This is cooperation for the development of the research project titled Molecular Targets of Stem cells of neurogenic malignant tumors and pharmacological prospecting of new therapeutic fields, which had its beginning at 2011 and completion in 2013.
FRIEDRICH LOEFFLER INSTITUT, GERMANY-Professor Luís Fernando Pita Gondim has completed his PhD at the University of Illinois, USA, and coordinates the COCCIDEOS protozoan research Group (CNPq). He has several collaborations with national and foreign researchers. Among the international partners, we highlight Dr. Milton McAllister (Universityof Adelaide, Australia), with whom he produced 14 scientific articles, and Dr. GereonSchares (Friedrich LoefflerInstitut, Germany), with whom he published five articles. Valuable partnerships with Swedish, Spanish, English, Japanese and different parts of the U.S. (Maryland and Virginia) have also generated relevant publications.
THE HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM-partnership between Dr. Arianne Pontes Oriá and Dr. Ron Ofri, Israel, yielded in 2013 the first publication (Oria, Arianne Pontes; Oliveira, A.V.D.; Pinna, M.H.; Martins Filho, E. F.; Estrela-Lima, A.; C.; Silva, R. M. M.; Oliveira, F. S.; Menezes, I.D.S.; K. G.; Ofri, R. Ophthalmicdiagnostictests, Orbital anatomy, Andadnexalhistologyofthebroad-Snoutedcaiman (Caimanlatirostris). VeterinaryOphthalmology (Print), 2013), fruit of this fruitful partnership of collaboration, notably by Professor Ron Ofri be one of the world highlights of veterinary ophthalmology. The continuity of the partnership between Dr Arianne Pontes Oriá and Dr. Ron Ofri, Israel, yielded up to 2016 seven international publications related to ophthalmology that demonstrates the growth and consolidation of this line of research in the program, including the Participation of Masters and doctoral degree candidates.
CAPES/MES-CUBA-The project study of arilidenmalonate and benzodiazepines derivatives in experimental models of Parkinson's disease, with emphasis on neuroinflammatory, mitochondrial, antioxidants and apoptotic mechanisms initiated in 2013, with the coordination of Profa. Silvia Lima Costa was the result of international cooperation project program.
CAPES/MES-CUBA, Edital 2012, with involvement of the laboratory of Neurochemistry and Cellular Biology of the Health Sciences Institute of the Federal University of Bahia and the lab of Syntesisorgánica of the Facultad de Química, the Center for Research and Development Medicines (CIDEM), and Instituto de Farmacia y Alimentos. The Centro de Estudios for laInvestigación y Evaluación Biological of the Universidad de La Habana.
UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI, FINLAND-the beginning of the collaboration with the University of Helsinki, Finland, took place with the post-doctoral internship of the Professor Stella Maria Barrouin Melo, in 2013, with thematic focused on studies on the impact of Feeding in the health of pets. Due to the resonance of purposes and tuning in the development of scientific work, Professor Stella decided to establish also in Bahia this line of research, in order to obtain comparative multicentric results on the subject.
UNIVERSITY OF CHILE-in 2014, Prof. Silvia Lima Costa started the project titled: Implantação do modelo experimental pré-clínico de doença de parkinson induzida por aminocromo: prospecção farmacológica de potencial neuroprotetor de flavonóides extraídos de plantas do Estado da Bahia (Implantation of the pre-clinical experimental model of Parkinson's disease induced by Aminocromo: pharmacological prospecting of the neuroprotective potential of flavonoids extracted from plants of the state of Bahia) in cooperation with Research Group Cell and Molecular Neuropharmacology Laboratory of the University of Chile, led by Juan Seura-Aguilar.
INSTITUT PASTEUR, FRANCE- Prof. Melissa HanzenPinna has firm collaboration with Dr. BourhyPascale of the National Center of Reference in Leptospirosis of the Institut Pasteur, France, for molecular characterization of Leptospirasp isolates obtained in research projects developed under its coordination. This is a collaboration that has already resulted in the publication of the article titled: A multilocusvariablenumber Tandem Repeatanalysisassayprovides High Discrimination for genotypingLeptospirasantarosaistrains (J. Med. Microbiol., May 2015 64:507-512, doi: 10.1099/JMM. 0.000045).
UNIVERSITY OF PORTSMOUTH, ENGLAND-initiated and finalised in 2015, the project titled, Evaluationoftheeffectsofflavonoids in Preclinical in vitro modelsofneuroinflammationassociatedtoneurodegenerativedisorders was the result of collaboration between UFBA and UNIVERSITY OF PORTSMOUTH, in the figure of the researchers, Silvia Lima Costa and Arthur M. Butt, respectively. This project was approved by the edict RCUK-CONFAP (FAPESB) ResearchPartnershipsCall (2014) To cooperate with the Prof. Arthur M. Butt of Portsmouth Universityof, SchoolofPharmacyandBiomedical Science (Request 5952). The group of Prof. ArhurButt (Universityof Portsmouth, SchoolofPharmacyandBiomedical Science) uses techniques of cellular and molecular biology, morphofunctional and anatomical analyses, to study the biology of glial cells under physiological conditions and Pathological findings of the nervous system.
UC DAVIS, UNITED STATES-in 2016 scientific collaboration of the PPGCAT was initiated, in the figure of Prof. Arianne Pontes Oriá with Professor Carlito Lebrilla, of the biochemistry department, UC Davis, United States. The aforementioned teachers will develop the project "Avaliação qualitativa da lágrima de Animais Silvestres” (Qualitative evaluation of the tear of wild animals).
The program also promotes events ministed by international researchers. In 2014 the program promoted the 1st International Colloquium in Diagnosis of veterinary infectious diseases. This event was attended by students of the postgraduate program in Animal Science in the tropics and other postgraduate courses of UFBA, as well as professionals in the area of surveillance and animal defense. He had as speakers the doctors Axel Colling and RogierBodewes. Axel Colling is a veterinarian, PhD in Tropical Veterinary Medicine from FUBerlin and a researcher at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory (Commonwealth Science and Industrial ResearchOrganisation) in Geelong, Australia, in the area of development and Standardization of veterinary diagnostic tests. RogierBodewes is a veterinary physician, PhD in virology from Erasmus Medical Centre, and researcher at Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in the area of identification, isolation and genomics of animal and human viruses.
In 2015 it was carried out an update course in veterinary ophthalmology taught by Dr Ron Ofri Associate professor of the KoretSchoolofVeterinary Medicine of the Hebrew-Universityof Jerusalem-Israel, which acts in the veterinary ophthalmology area with skills In comparative physiology of vision with a focus on retinal electrophysiology and alterations in visual function resulting from glaucoma. The event was initiated with the lecture titled "Gene Therapy in a sheep model ofdayblindness. Pavingthewaytotratmenthumanachromatopsiapatients "and had sequence with technical meeting with the research group" Veterinary Surgery-technical, clinical and pathology "research line" veterinary ophthalmology "for improvement of methodologies of Research projects and consolidation of the partnership between the researcher and Professor Arianne Pontes Oriá, permanent lecturer at PPGCAT.
Also in 2015, the update course was conducted in visceral leishmaniasis taught by Dr Francisco Javier Moreno Nuncio, specialist of the Leishmaniasis Laboratory of the Health InstituteCarlos III-National Center of Microbiology of Spain. The course was held on March 26, 2015, initiated with a technical meeting with the research group "Veterinary Infectology" research line "visceral leishmaniasis" with discussion of conducts in the control of zoonosis and future prophylactic applications and Diagnostic. The meetingwas promoted and mediated by Professor Carlos Roberto Franke and by Professor Stella Maria Barrouin Melo, both professors of the PPGCAT. The event was completed with the lecture titled "Vacunas para laleishmaniasis visceral, de perro a humano” (Vacunas for Visceral laleishmaniasis, from human Perro)".
The program also counts on the encouragement of the pro-rector of Graduation Teaching of UFBA, since 2010, with an announcement to support the correction in foreign language and translation of manuscripts in order to increase the visibility of the researches performed by the PPGCAT, with reimbursement to the researcher Professor.
  • PhD (professors)
  • Prof. Dr. Stella Maria Barrouin Melo (2013)-University of Helsinki-HelsinginYliopisto in Finland collaboration in research with Prof. Dr. Anna KatrinaHielm-Björkman
  • Prof. Dr. Luís Fernando Pita Gondim (2015)-Federal Institute of Animal Health Research (Friedrich LoefflerInstitut) in Germany collaboration in research with Dr. GereonSchares.
  • split-site doctoral program
  • The doctoral candidates of the PPGCAT who had their activities developed during the sandwich doctoral internship.
  • Victor Diógenes Amaral (2009)-Universidad de Chile
  • Rosângela Soares Uzeda (2013)-Comprehensive for Animal Health in Wusterhausen under the supervision of Dr. GereonSchares
  • Dan Loureiro (2013)-ARG LTDA under the supervision of Dr. Ricardo S. Jordão
  • Ana Carolina Ferreira (2014)-Michigan StateUniversity under supervision of Dr. Adam Lock
  • Rebeca Dantas Xavier Ribeiro (2015)-AgricultureandAgri-foodResearch Centre under supervision of Dr. Karen Beauchemin
  • Priscila Assis Ferraz (2015)-University of Florida under supervision Dr. Klibs Galvão
  • Pedro Cerqueira Lima (2015)-American Museumof Natural Hystory
  • Ana Claudia Raposo (2016) – UniversityofCalifornia, Davis under the supervision of Dr. Carlito Lebrila
  • Ianei de Oliveira Carneiro (2017)-Institute of Virology in Charité under the supervision of Dr. Jan Félix Drexler.


  • Alfeu Cavele (Period 2007 – 09)-Mozambique
  • Happiness Margarida Macome (period 2007 – 09)-Mozambique
  • Diego Martin Jose Sosaargancampuzano (period 2014 – 16) – Paraguay
  • AlvaroLuis Enrique Adriazola Uribe (period 2015 – 17) – Chile
  • Monica Madrigal Valverde (period 2017-current) – Costa Rica