The goals set by the PPCGAT stand out: Every professor should guide students in the graduate area and undergraduate courses, should seek research projects approved in a research-promoting body and achieve the goal of producing in scientific journals in Major national and international journals
  • Encouraging the insertion of young doctors in their teaching staff.
  • To seek the largest insertion of the program in other regions of the country, with special attention in the Northeast region.
  • Promote the internationalization of the program through Covenants, events, post-doctoral activities and sandwich internship abroad. In addition, encourage the going of professors and students to international events. 
  • Allow greater visibility of PPGCAT to the scientific community through the institutional website and the social network, Facebook®, in @mevtropical. In addition to the dissemination of events and defenses of program students on the Agenda UFBA that has more than 30000 people enrolled in the list of informative emails (Newsletter)
  • Allow an integration with the community with events open to the public with periodic lecture delivered by professionals from all over the country, with themes related to research lines executed by the program.  


  • Expansion of intellectual production in high-impact journals (A1 and A2), through the incentive and financing of publication of articles in journals with Qualis A1-B1;
  • To increase the number of published articles related to thesis and dissertation conclusion work;
  • Increase the number of official agreements with other institutions in the Northeast region and in other regions of Brazil, formalizing the existing cooperation work;
  • To intensify the internationalization of agreements, partnerships and expansion of the international exchange of professors and students.
  • Enable professors to have PhD experience abroad